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20 Hryven - Commemorative banknote


Original size: 130 x 69 mm

UA - BNP805a

© Banknote design copyright by the National Bank of Ukraine

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Vorderseite: Porträt des ukrainischen Schriftstellers Iwan Franko (1856 - 1916); Wappen der Ukraine; Landschaft.
Rückseite: Das Lemberger Opern- und Balletttheater; Statue einer geflügelten Frau mit Farn­wedel (Allegorie für Ruhm), vom Dach des Gebäudes.

Front side: Portrait of the Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko (1856 - 1916); Coat of arms of Ukraine; Landscape.
Back side: Theatre of Opera and Ballet in the town of Lviv; Statue of a winged woman holding fern (Allegory of glory), from the roof of the theatre.



Dated 2016. Purple SPARK® element SPARK is a security element based on optical variable magnetic ink. (160 РОКІВ (160 years)) on the front side.
Signature of Valeriya O. HontarevaSignature of V.O. Hontareva (as ГОЛОВА). Portrait of I. Franko and electrotype 20 as watermark. Solid security thread with demetalized text. Additional wide RAPID windowed security thread. Denomination (20) as registration device. One red horizontal and one black vertical 7-digit serial number with a double Cyrillic letter prefix on the back side. The horizontal serial number has digits of the same size while the vertical one has digits of ascending size. Printed by the National Bank of Ukraine.


Introduced on 1. September 2016 to commemorate the 160th Birthday of Ivan Franko. For a similar note dated 2018 but with a different SPARK® elementSPARK is a security element based on optical variable magnetic ink. on the front side refer to B856.