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100 Hryven


Original size: 142 x 75 mm

UA - B854a

© Banknote design copyright by the National Bank of Ukraine

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Vorderseite: Porträt des ukrainischen Malers und Lyrikers Taras Schewtschenko (1814 - 1861); Wappen der Ukraine; Flusslandschaft.
Rückseite: Nationale Taras-Schewtschenko-Universität in Kiew.

Front side: Portrait of the Ukrainian painter and poet Taras Shevchenko (1814 - 1861); Coat of arms of Ukraine; Fluvial landscape.
Back side: Taras Shevchenko National University building in Kiev.



Dated 2014.
Signature of Valeriya O. HontarevaSignature of V.O. Hontareva (as ГОЛОВА). Portrait of T. Shevchenko and electrotype 100 as watermark. MOTIONImages on the security thread move perpendicular to the direction of inclination. windowed security thread with denomination and Hrynvia symbol on the front side. Additional solid security thread with demetalized text. Denomination (100) as registration device. Golden SPARK® Origin element SPARK Origin is a security element based on optical variable magnetic ink. (Painter's palette and brushes) on the front side. One red horizontal and one black vertical 7-digit serial number with double Cyrillic letter prefix on the back side. The horizontal serial number has digits of the same size while the vertical one has digits of ascending size. Printed by the National Bank of Ukraine.


Introduced on 9. March 2015. For similar notes with the portrait at the right of the note, a kobza player on the back side and without any SPARK® element SPARK is a security element based on optical variable magnetic ink. on the front side refer to B851 of the previous series.