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1 Ruble - Commemorative banknote


Original size: 129 x 56 mm

MD-SN - BNP203a

© Banknote design copyright by the Bank of the Transnistrian Republic

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Vorderseite: Porträt des russischen Feldherrn Alexander Suworow (1730 - 1800); Initialen der Nationalbank; Auf den Gedenkanlass verweisender Text im Inneren einer Rosette.
Rückseite: Denkmal zur Erinnerung an die Operation Jassy-Kischinew (1944) am ehemaligen Brückenkopf im Ort Chițcani am Westufer des Dnister.

Front side: Portrait of the Russian military leader Alexander Suvorov (1730 - 1800); Bank initials; Commemorative text inside of a rosette.
Back side: Bridgehead Memorial of the Jassy–Kishinev offensive (1944) in Kitskan on the Western bank of the river Dniester.



Dated 2007 (МОДИФИКАЦИЯModified 2012).
No signature. Portrait of A. Suvorov and electrotype ПРБ as watermark. Windowed winged security thread with demetalized text on the front side. One red horizontal 7-digit serial number on the back side with digits of the same size and the double Cyrillic letter prefix ТТ. Unknown printer.


2.020 notes (Overprints on B212b) were introduced in folders on 22. August 2014 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Transnistria's national currency.