Banner Vanuatu

1.000 Vatu - Commemorative banknote

Issuing authority: Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

Original size: 140 x 65 mm

VU - B215

Banknote design copyright by the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

Deutsch Englisch

Vorderseite: Landeswappen Vanuatus (vor einem Vulkan stehender melanesischer Häupt­ling mit Speer); Land­karte Vanuatus.
Rückseite: Landkarte Vanuatus; Blume; Farmer mit Früchten und Gemüse; Rinderherde; Bäume.

Front side: Vanuatu's coat of arms (Melanesian chief holding a spear and standing in front of a volcano); Map of Vanuatu.
Back side: Map of Vanuatu; Flower; Farmers with fruits and legumes; Cattle herd; Trees.


Not dated. With commemorative overprint.
Signatures of Simeon M. Athy (as GOVERNOR) and Maki Simelum (as MINISTER OF FINANCE). No water­mark. Bank logo as shadow image. No security thread. Conch shell as transparent window. Geometrical pattern as registration device. One red horizontal and one black vertical 8-digit serial number on the front side. Both have the double letter prefix VU and digits of the same size. Printed by Oberthur fiduciaire, France, on polymer substrate.


Overprint on the front side of B210. Introduced on 23th July 2020 to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Vanuatu's independence.