Banner Vanuatu

200 Vatu

Issuing authority: Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

Original size: 130 x 65 mm

VU - B208

Banknote design copyright by the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

Deutsch Englisch

Vorderseite: Landeswappen Vanuatus (vor einem Vulkan stehender melanesischer Häupt­ling mit Speer); Landkarte von Vanuatu.
Rückseite: Landkarte von Vanuatu; Fünf Familienmitglieder sitzen vor ihrem Haus; Palmen.

Front side: Vanuatu's coat of arms (Melanesian chief holding a spear and standing in front of a volcano); Map of Vanuatu.
Back side: Map of Vanuatu; Five members of a family are sitting in front of their house; Palm trees.


Dated 2014The first two digits of the serial number represent the year of printing (e.g. 14 = 2014).
Signatures of Simeon M. Athy (as GOVERNOR) and Maki Simelum (as MINISTER OF FINANCE). No water­mark. Bank logo as shadow image. No security thread. Conch shell as transparent window. Geometrical figure as registration device. One red horizontal and one black vertical 8-digit serial number on the front side. Both have a double letter prefix and digits of the same size. Printed by Oberthur fiduciaire, France, on polymer substrate.


Family is the main theme of the note introduced on 9. June 2014.