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10 Kwacha

Issuing authority: Bank of Zambia

Original size: 145 x 70 mm

ZM - B167a

© Banknote design copyright by the Bank of Zambia

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Vorderseite: Wappen von Sambia; Mahobohobo-Baum; Schreiseeadler (Haliaeetus vocifer) auf einem Ast sitzend.
Rückseite: Stachelschwein (Atherurus africanus); Bauern bei der Weizenernte; Freiheitsstatue in Sambias Hauptstadt Lusaka.

Front side: Zambian coat of arms; Sugar plum tree; African fish eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) perched on a branch.
Back side: Porcupine (Atherurus africanus); Farmers harvesting wheat; Freedom statue in Zambia's capital Lusaka.



Dated 2018.
Signature of Denny KalyalyaSignature of D. Kalyalya (as GOVERNOR). Fish eagle and electrotype 10 and crude fish eagle as watermark. Wide windowed security thread with demetalized text and fish eagle on the front side. Bank initials (BoZ) and dove as registration device. One vertical red and one horizontal black 7-digit serial number with a fractional alphanumerical prefix on the front side. The vertical serial number has digits of the same size, while the horizontal one has digits of ascending size. Printed by Oberthur Fiduciare, France.


Introduced in August 2018.